Hildegard Burger Huggins • July 22, 2017

Hildegard (Hilda) Burger Huggins, age 86, went to heaven on July 22nd 2017. Hilda was born and raised in Munich, Germany by two wonderful parents. She grew up free spirited and somewhat rebellious during War World II. Even though the war had a huge impact on her, she rarely wanted to talk about this horrible time in her life. In the years following the end of the war, she met and married a young U.S. Army sergeant and had two children before moving their growing family to America. They settled in Pensacola, FL where she became a U.S. citizen and had three more children.

She took her new citizenship seriously by reading all she could about her adopted country and immersing herself in the culture and structure of American life. She prided herself in knowing as much if not more about the U.S than a natural born citizen and never wavered in her passion for the well-being and future of her new home.

Hilda’s love for her home country of Germany never faded and she visited as often as she could. As a child, she would take walks downtown and visit the museums and art galleries with her parents. She enjoyed the cafes and sidewalk shops they would visit. Her favorite place in Germany was the Black Forest. Until World War ll, she spent her summers at her Godparents’ home in the Black Forest. She loved the green pastures and small streams running through the wooded valleys. She would take long walks through the Black Forest where they would pick wild blueberries and strawberries. For the rest of her life, she would tell people the Black Forest of Germany is her favorite place in the world.

Anyone who met Hilda would soon know that she had a strong passion for her principles. To all who knew her, Hilda was a strong, loyal and resilient person. She indeed was the glue that held her family together.

Hilda retired as the accounting manager for the Nephrology Center at Baptist hospital in Pensacola, Fl. She was well respected, a true advocate for the patient, and known for her tenacity, dependability and integrity.

Hilda enjoyed reading and traveling. Up until the last few years of her life, she travelled quite often. Not only did she travel throughout the U.S., she visited almost every European country and several countries in the northern part of the African continent. She also traveled to Moscow where she had a fascinating and memorable trip. She enjoyed traveling so much that she many times would join a travel group on her own. She would tell her family that traveling to new and different places was an invaluable experience.

Hilda is preceded in death by husband Hurbert Huggins, son Frank Huggins, son Mike Huggins, grandson Ryan Huggins and grandson Jeremy Huggins. She leaves behind brother Herbert Burger, daughters Barbara Gambill and Helen LeMaster, son David Huggins, grandchildren Heidi, Kimberly, TJ, Jacob, Gretchen and Lori, great grandchildren Zarek, Olivia and Hayden, nephew Markus, niece Ingrid.

The family held a celebration of Hilda’s life at Pensacola Memorial Gardens on the afternoon of July 24th.

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